Prayer & Fasting - Day 8

Twenty-One Days of Fasting and Prayer
Devotion for Families

DAY EIGHT – “A Father Who Knows”

“…….for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.” Matthew 6:8

As one who grew up without a father involved in my life, I struggle with this one a little bit.
My father had no idea what I needed. What I needed was him! He had no idea who I was.
As someone trying to figure out how to be a better dad, this verse stretches me.
I know my three children well, but I don’t always know what they need. My tendency is to project on them what I want them to have or want them to be. So, my idea of what they need may be biased on my desires not theirs.

I have a Father, a Heavenly Father, Who always knows exactly what I need! He knows what I need even when I don’t know what I need! And when I do know what I need He knows before I do!

What a source of comfort!
What a source of confidence!
No only for myself but for my kids! And my grandkids!
He always knows what they need! Even when I don’t!
He even knows that if my father would have been involved in my life as I needed and wanted, I may not have learned to lean so heavily on my Heavenly Father!

It is becoming clearer to me what I need to know today. I need to know my Heavenly Father better!
He already knows that!

What about you?
We have the same Father, you know!

  1. How does it make you feel when you hear God is your father?
  2. Does your earthly father help you love your Heavenly Father?
  3. Will you think your Heavenly Father for your earthly father!

Heavenly Father, thank you for knowing me so well and still loving me so much! Help me learn to know you better! Thank you for my earthly father who helps me love you! In Jesus’ Name

By: Pastor Brad
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