Prayer & Fasting - Day 11

Twenty-One Days of Prayer
Devotions for Families

DAY ELEVEN – “Your Forever Father”

“‘Our Father in heaven….” Matthew 6:9

God’s truth is so profound He can say more in a few words than we can say with paragraphs. And yet in His wisdom He says it so simply! I will try to bless you by basking in the simplicity of Jesus’ teaching on how to pray.

Pray “OUR”!
If God is OUR Father, then we are family! We are brothers and sisters in the faith! You don’t have to walk your journey alone! Nor do I! We are in this together – and with Him!
We are commanded to love one another. Shouldn’t that be easier since we are spiritual siblings? Shouldn’t it be easier to pray FOR and WITH each other?

Pray “FATHER”!
Jesus makes it clear that God wants prayer to be a function of a relationship NOT a religion! There are few relationships in life more intimate or impactful than the relationship between a father and his child.
That is what God desires to enjoy with you! Prayer is how you converse with your Father.

Jesus makes it clear that God, your Father, dwells in heaven. Not only does He dwell in heaven but He is the highlight of heaven! All the heavenly beings are focused on worshiping Him! He is the highest and holiest heavenly Being and yet He wants to be your Father! He wants to speak to you and hear from you!
Your Father Who is in Heaven is a Forever Father! 
So, if you are a father who knows God as your Heavenly Father He will make you a forever father, too! Or, if your father knew God through Christ Jesus, he is a forever father, too!

  1. How does it feel knowing God is your Father?
  2. What does it mean to you to be part of a spiritual family?
  3. How much quality time are you spending with your Heavenly Father?

My Father Who is in heaven, thank you that you want to be my forever Father! Thank you that I can be your child! Help me be an obedient child today and walk close to you today! Thank you I am part of a spiritual family! Help me walk in love with my brothers and sisters today. Amen

By: Pastor Brad
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