Prayer & Fasting - Day 12

Twenty-One Days of Prayer
Devotions for Families

Day Twelve – “Holiest Father”

“…..hallowed be your name,” Matthew 6:9

The word “hallowed” means “holy”.
When Jesus instructs you to begin your prayers this way what is it, He wants you to pray? What are you saying when you pray this and why does it matter?

First, you are praying, “Heavenly Father, help me remember your holiness!”
Obviously, there is nothing you can pray that would possibly make God more holy than He already is!
But you need to be often reminded that He is holy! 
Not only is He holy but so is His name! That reminds you of the commandment to never take His name in vain!

Second, you are praying, “Heavenly Father, help me revere your holiness!”
Not only is it important to be reminded of how holy God is, but it needs to move you and inspire you and convict you! 
Revering your Father’s holiness is crucial for Him and for you because of the next point of the prayer.

Third, you are praying, “Heavenly Father, help me reflect your holiness!”
Chances are if someone you know is going to be impressed by God’s holiness it will likely happen through you!

In a world of darkness, deception and depravity, God’s light, love and likeness revealed in through how you live will make a power impact!
God is holy, and it is up to God’s people (children) to know His holiness and to show it!

  1. Honestly discuss, “How do you see God’s holiness reflected in me?”
  2. Talk about how important it is to keep God’s Name holy in your heart and mind.
  3. Discuss the impact your family might have in your neighborhood with God’s holiness.

Thank you, that you are a holy heavenly Father! Today, remind me of your holiness. Help revere your holy Name. Father, forgive me, cleanse me and reflect your holiness through my thoughts, my words, my attitudes and my actions today. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

By: Pastor Brad
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