Prayer & Fasting - Day 19

Twenty-One Days of Prayer
Devotions for Families

DAY NINETEEN – “Grace Not Grudges”
“And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.” Matthew 6:12

Christ-followers are to be pro-active not reactive. God’s Word is realistic.

This portion of Jesus’ Pattern for Prayer reveals those two truths.
If you wait until someone harms or offends you it will be much harder to extend them grace. Hurting people hurt people!

So, how does Jesus recommend you live a life of grace rather than a life of holding grudges? He teaches you to forgive BEFORE you are offended. According to Jesus, grace is to be unilateral and proactive!

How is that possible? That will certainly require prayer!
It certainly will and that’s the point!

When you pray today ask God to remind you of His grace toward you! He forgave you before you ever sinned because He forgave you before you were born! His proactive grace was extended in the Person of Jesus, His Son! The Holy Son of God took your penalty and paid the price for your sins! Even though you were born a sinner you were born into His grace!

As one who has benefited from His grace and been blessed with the gift of salvation through faith, how can you justify holding a grudge against another?

This portion of the prayer is much more than an ask, it is an affirmation! Lord, today I will live in your grace!

It is more than just an ask it is an attitude! Because I am forgiven, I will be a forgiver!
So, as you pray today don’t just pray for forgiveness but pray as one forgiven!

Am I holding a grudge toward anyone right now?
Do I have unconfessed sin in my heart right now?
Have I lost sight of God’s grace toward me!
As I have received God’s amazing grace, how can I refuse to extend it?

Heavenly Father, forgive me for losing sight of your grace! Forgive me for being ungracious to those who have wronged me. I open my heart to your grace today. I promise, by your grace to forgive them and will chose to extend your grace to anyone who wrongs me today! Please live in me today and love through me! May I be amazed by your grace today! In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

By: Pastor Brad
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