Feb 1

“You must have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had.” Philippians 2:5


Here’s what it comes down to – we – you and I must have this same attitude that Christ displayed. If you are to be a “Christ-One” you must have His attitude. THAT IS THE WIN!

One of our main themes in this entire series has been the fact that you can choose your attitude. It is one of the few things in your life that you can control. And because you can, God expects you to do it.

God doesn't ask you to adopt the power of positive thinking. He doesn't require you to study possibility thinking. He is not into attitude improvement. He wants to transform your heart and mind so that you think, and act, and love like Christ. It's not a good attitude He expects, it is a godly attitude.

How do I get a Christ-like attitude? Do I will my way into it? No, but you do need to aim your will toward God and His will. You need, like Christ, to come into unity with God. Unlike Christ, you have a sinful will, so you need to confess your sin and repent of it. Like Christ, you must surrender your will to God and accept His will as your will. Every thought and decision after that should be in unity with God.

Then, when you have united with God you must, like Christ, live in humility. How? By always honoring God first and others second. Every thought, attitude and action must be guided by a humble commitment to please God and serve others. That is the attitude of Christ.

When you have united with God and surrendered to humility, then you are ready to live in community with like-minded believers. That is what creates a dynamic healthy fellowship! That is a place where the Spirit of God can transform and where the love of God and heal and where the contagious joy of the Lord can attract others into the Body. That is what I envision for FredWes. No program can cause this. No strategy can create it. No ministry approach or worship style can make it suddenly appear. Only individual believers like you and me can decide that more than anything else in life, we want to have the attitude of Christ.

Christ didn't cling to power and He had it all! 

Is a desire for power and control keeping you from having the attitude of Christ? Is it preventing you from surrendering your will and uniting with the will of God?

Christ didn't hold onto His position and He was in the highest place!

Could it be that some selfish ambition for a higher position created within you some self-seeking thoughts and attitudes?

Christ didn't hold onto His privilege. He was the highly honored Son of God seated in a place of glory in the presence of the Father!

Search you heart and mind to see if there might be an attitude or desire that craves attention that needs to feel significance. Could that be keeping you from coming into unity with God and living humbling before Him?

We are called to unity, humility and community. But we cannot attain those apart from Christ. We don't think yourself into Christ-likeness. You surrender yourself, you humble yourself, you die to your selfish desires. Only God can make you like Christ. Only He can "morphe" you into Christ-likeness!

What will you choose? What attitude will you take toward the will of God? Will you bow your knee to Him today? Every knee WILL bow, and every tongue WILL confess that He is Lord. There will be that moment in eternity where everyone has a right attitude - but it will be too late for many of the them.

Why not unite with His Spirit and His will? 

Why not humble yourself and live for Him?

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