March 12

“After removing Saul, he made David their king. God testified concerning him: ‘I have found David son of Jesse, a man after my own heart; he will do everything I want him to do.’” Acts 13:22
While David was sitting alone in a remote pasture surrounded by bleating sheep he was thinking about God. Now we discover God was also thinking of him!
Dr. Luke under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit tells us as much!
David later, also under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, would pen Psalm 23, the beloved psalm portraying God as the Good Shepherd. It takes one to know One! David WAS a good shepherd!
A shepherd of sheep, while often relegated to a low status in Jewish society, had a serious responsibility because sheep were valuable as:
  1. Sacrifices – At least the most perfect and first-born among the flock served that vital role!
  2. Shearing – Their wool was shorn and sold at a tidy profit to be spun into yarn!
  3. Sale – In a good year the flock may grow to the number to enable lambs to be sold!
  4. Supper – Lamb was a staple at the Jewish dinner table!
So, a flock must be well protected!
That required a good shepherd to be present.  By present I mean he must always be physically present to gather and guard the sheep. One lapse of concentration or drifting into a daydream could allow a sheep to wander off or a vicious predator to sneak in. 
Tending sheep was boring, monotonous and lonely. It was easy to lose interest or fail to pay attention. Unless, that is, you are a good shepherd who is ALWAYS present!
And a good shepherd had to be alert. The good shepherd not only watch over his flock, but he also scanned the horizon watching for predators or coming storms. A good shepherd knew trouble was ever possible. Hungry predators lurked, dangerous storms could sweep in or marauding thieves could attack. If any of those threats were to present themselves, an alert shepherd would detect the danger in time to get his sheep to a safe place.
A good shepherd had to be ready. Readiness was largely a function of being present and being alert! But in addition, the good shepherd must have the proper weapons, a strategic plan and the strength and courage to use the weapon and execute the plan!
David, though just a youngster when he tended sheep, had all those attributes and became a good shepherd! He was good enough to catch God’s attention! While David was being a good shepherd, the Good Shepherd took notice!
God will be looking in on your life today! He will be present, alert and ready! What will He see as He watches you today?

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